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Established in 2007, Junkai is a comprehensive high-tech company, integrating environmental products R&D, manufacturing, project construction and technical services Comprising.

Shanghai Junkai Environmental Engineering Co. Ltd, Shanghai Junkai Environmental Project Co. Ltd and Shanghai Junzhikai Chemical Co. Ltd.. Junkai focuses on comprehensive treatment of industrial gas and water, and specializing in environmental technology R&D, environmental protection system engineering, project construction & services, and affiliated environmental product supplies.


Junkai owns an array of professional air filter manufacturing equipments, including domestic advanced auto mini-pleat air filter production lines, auto clapboard air filter production lines, mixing infusion machines imported from Switzerland, automatic seamless connection infusion machines. In testing equipment. Junkai applies high-efficiency air filter scanning detecting facility composed of state-of-art high-flow laser dust particle counters by  Metone of USA.  high efficiency air filter scanning detecting sets. Junkai has a Class 100,000 cleanroom for production and has obtained ISO9001 and ISO14000 system certification.


Junkai produces primary-efficiency panel filters, medium-efficiency bag filters, high-efficiency no pleat HEAP filers, high-efficiency pleat HEAP air filters, disposable filters, big-flow air filters, activated carbon fitlers etc. Junkai products have been widely used in automobile manufacturing, industrial coating equipment, high-tech electronics, pharmaceutical industry (FGMP, GP), photovoltaic, food hygiene, furniture manufacturing, precision industry, hospitals, scientific research institutions, building general air conditioning (HVAC), and air purification in aerospace, metallurgy, turbine and nuclear power. 

Adhering to the business principle of “Technology First, Integrity Foremost”. Junkai partners with various many research institutes both at home and abroad, focusing on new technology and new materials’ development and use application. Our pursuit of high-quality products and professional services has trust and respect from customers in different industries. 

Junkai are very grateful for the sincere cooperation and great support from friends at home and abroad.Junkai warmly welcomes more technology exchange and business cooperation. Let’s work together to create a finer, fresher and natural air environment! 

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